The Positive Alternative

Reducing global emissions - Inspired by local stories


Featuring Australian food producers whose lives and farms are fundamentally impacted by climate change. Yet provide sustainable products and inspiring solutions to reduce global emissions.

Climate change has fundamentally impacted and changed the lives of farmers in Australia. Listen to the story of different farmers dealing with changing climate conditions and how they create a positive alternative. Each of them shares their personal experiences and provide solutions to create a sustainable food industry. The Positive Alternative provides both dramatic yet inspiring stories about how little changes can create big positive impact on our lives, on climate change and the world at large.

Y O U R  S U P P O R T  I S  N E E D E D

The Positive Alternative is an independent non-profit initiative with the objective to raise awareness about the effects of climate change on farmland (and so, our food system) and to provide sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow. Money will be used to produce and finish the documentaries and share them with a global audience.


Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF)


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