The Positive Alternative

Reducing global emissions - Inspired by local stories


Reducing global emissions - inspired by local stories

In season 1 The Positive Alternative documentary series shares the story of 4 Australian farmers whose lives and farms are fundamentally impacted by climate change. Yet provide sustainable products and consumer solutions for a more vibrant and sustainable food system. Each episode covers one crucial topic within the food industry: sustainable diets, food waste reduction, sustainable production and low emission meat. Let's make climate change a shared problem, that we can fix if we work together. From farm to fork.

The full documentary series is now available on Amazon Prime VideoWaterBear Network.

Award Winner for the Best Short Documentary at Rotterdam Independent Film FestivalRoma Short Film Festival, Cooper Awards, New York Int. Women Festival and Toronto Indie Film Festival.
Award winner for Best Director Short Film at Cooper Awards, Best Male Director for Short at Rotterdam Independent Film FestivalHonorable Mention at New Wave Short Film Festival and Tokyo Int. Short Film Festival.