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,,A drought is a cruel beast, and I was living through a ten-year drought on my family’s farm that sparked my interest in climate change. From then I wondered, "How are we going to feed a rapidly growing global population well, in a climate challenged world?"

I am passionate about resilient rural communities and healthy ecosystems, and I am committed to help create a sustainable food system. I have a PhD in agricultural science and ecosystems, I speak and write on farming systems of the future, and I strive to help create a world where everyone is food secure.

Raising awareness of climate change impacts on farms, and most importantly, the action that can be taken to reduce emissions and adapt to changing conditions has taken me around the world to every continent (including Antarctica), meeting with farmers, scientists, global leaders and royalty.

I run educational workshops, speak at small and large events, and bring heartfelt warmth, authenticity and optimism to complex global challenges.’’

- Dr. Anika Molesworth, scientist, outback sheep farmer, advocate for environmental conservation and climate action, Gouverneur of WWF Australia and author.

,,We are passionate about using the beauty of film craft for the greater good. We believe brands, organisations and people need to take their responsibility for our environment, and steer together in the direction for positive change.

We strongly believe in the power of sharing resilient and positive stories. To inspire people and make climate change a shared problem that we can fix if we work together instead of presenting it as a big doom scenario.''

- Tim Arnold, Film Director & Eefje Suzanne Kragten, Writer

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